January 8, 2021


Types of Backups that we Service and Offer

  • Google Apps / Office 365
  • VM Server Socket
  • VM Server
  • MS SQL Server + MS Exchange
  • MS Exchange
  • MS SQL Server
  • Ultimate
  • Desktop / Server
  • Advanced Rebranding & Custom SSL
  • Server Backup (Local)
  • Server Backup (Cloud)
  • Server Backup (Cloud) – Image
  • Workstation Backup (Cloud) – Image
  • Workstation Backup (Cloud)
  • Workstation Backup (Local)
  • Email Backup (365)
  • Email Backup (Cloud)
  • Email Backup (Local)


On average 0.9% of hard drives fail. Every 11 seconds another organization falls prey to ransomware. On average that ransomware attack causes 16.2 days of downtime. Those that get their data back on average only recover 97% of that data. 77% of businesses experience an outage in a 12 month period.

All of these have one thing in common: Data loss.

With data loss goes your ability to do business, and your reputation as a secure organization to do business with. Customer identities, credit cards, and past orders are important to protect along with product information, production processes, and employee records. Hardware and software settings, firewall protections, preferences, histories, and logs could all be wiped out by some foreign interference, data breach, or mishap. Ensure that your data is protected from day one and that you have a disaster recovery plan.

But what if that horrifying prospect was a non-issue? A no-brainer? We have you covered. With our managed back-ups you can rest assured that your information is safe no matter the situation. Ranging from individual file loss to complete hardware breakdown we can restore you back to working operations.

With an array of tools and experts we have your machines on a consistent monitor for data-loss, able to bring them back from even a ‘bare metal’ state. But it’s not just your machines, but as more and more organizations move their data and processes to the cloud, we have you covered there too. Utilizing bleeding edge technology for both local and cloud virtualization, you are safer than ever before through a holistic approach to safekeeping your lifeblood that is your data.

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