January 19, 2020

Predictive Marketing

Marketing Outreach Programs

Get ahead of your competitors with a strategic marketing program that leverages our proprietary technology to gain new clients, grow your business, and interact with your community.

We help you build and grow your network, find and target specific demographics, and empower your digital social presence with communities of your choosing. We believe in natural and organic growth with a touch of tech and automation to dial in on specific targets.

Marketing Pricing Table


Posts Per Day

Schedule Content Shares

Expert Analytic Analysis

Targeted Invites

Auto Endorsement 


Access to Private Network 

Social Profile Creation 


Digital outreach and predictive marketing Platform


up to 100 people per day

up to 100 people per day

up to 100 people per day


DIgital outreach and predictive marketing Platform - Plus Network Boost


up to 100 people per day

up to 100 people per day

up to 100 people per day


Outreach Platform Technology

Our proprietary social media outreach platform has both a human and automated component to it.  Our talented team of marketing professionals will work with your team to hone in on the right target audience, develop shareable content for distribution across your social networks, and provide a human touch to your organic growth.

Connection Platforms:  LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

Marketing Services

  • Scheduled Content Distribution (up to 10 posts a day)
  • Expert Analytic Analysis of Campaigns
  • Proprietary Relationship-Building Tools
    • We organically grow your LinkedIn network with people you actually want to connect with. (up to 36,500 invites sent per year)
    • Target demographics, industry-specific email lists, automated outreach, invitation connections, auto-endorsements, and individual automated outreach (100/day)

Add-On Services

  • Access to IT Global Services Network (2m+ connections and growing)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Fundraising support between funders and those seeking capital
    • 3% finder’s fee if fundraising is obtained through members of our network
  • Sponsored Posting in Our Exclusive Network (including high net worth individuals)
    • Content must be related to the empowerment of people
    • No direct product solicitation

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