January 19, 2020

Information Technology Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Management

Traditional IT Infrastructure – Cloud IT Infrastructure – Hyperconverged IT Infrastructure

Stay in control of your IT hardware and software with IT Global Services. We design and project manage the implementation of infrastructure solutions including cabling, cloud management, IT automation, networking, firewalls, switches, WiFi, WAN, security systems, etc.

What is IT Infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure is a term used to categorize hardware, software, networking, and facility components that support your IT services. This could include physical computers and networking hardware as well as particular software tools you use at your company to simplify your IT tasks and administration.

Managing your IT infrastructure can be a challenge. With IT Global Services, we can streamline your IT Infrastructure by implementing a process that supports your organizational needs without jeopardizing security or client data. Our out-of-the-box solutions include malware protection, managed antivirus, endpoint security, and encryption to guarantee a reliable and safe environment.

IT Framework Types

IT Global Services is designed to support a variety of IT Infrastructure types. Whether you’re looking to deploy a cloud-based computing system or physically want to have the data storage at your own facilities.

  • Traditional – IT components are managed internally within a businesses own facilities. It can be an expensive solution since servers and other hardware uses power and needs to be stored on site.
  • Cloud – A private or public cloud is created to host your data and IT management needs. Although this is a cheaper solution than the traditional route, it can be less secure and you’re dependent on the reliability of the cloud provider you choose, like Google, Amazon, or Microsoft.
  • Hyperconverged – Combines all of the traditional elements of a data center (storage, computing, networking) into a software-centric system that replaces expensive hardware components.

IT Infrastructure Management

A proper IT Infrastructure has a successful balance of platforms, safeguards, and monitoring capabilities. IT Global Services can handle networking components, cables, cloud services, data centers, servers, computers, business software applications, and mobile device management. Below are a few IT infrastructure solutions we cover:

If you’re looking to find out more about how IT Global Services can support your business, reach out to us with a little bit more information about your organization and what you’re looking to accomplish.

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