January 19, 2021

Patch Management

What is Patch Management?

Patch Management is the process of applying updates and retroactive fixes, known as ‘patches’, to bugs, security vulnerabilities, or any other software errors that are already released and in use by the public.

What is a Patch Management Service Provider?

As an organization grows larger, or moves to a more technology reliant or online state, more and more software becomes necessary for day-to-day operations. Every piece of software at some point requires patching to maintain peak performance and security. Eventually managing the patching of all this software becomes questionable on its return on investment in time and resources. However, a vulnerability of cybersecurity or a growing risk of complete software failure due to lack of proper patching has the capability of bring productivity to a screeching halt, or worse, cost exorbitant amounts in damages and loss of business.

This is where a Patch Management Service Provider comes in, as experts in ensuring the proper patching of software across any and all devices in your organization’s network, irrespective of the complexity and also ensuring it is done efficiently and where appropriate providing patch tests to ensure there are no complications further down the line from the patch.

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