January 8, 2021

Server Migrations

Server Migration, when and why?

Migrating servers is a generally unavoidable task as part of business growth or efficiency refinement if you are a business utilizing any kind of server at all. At some point down the line you will find someone that has a cheaper, faster, bigger, or overall more efficient server and wish to migrate, or your current server has simply become too cramped and you need to move up to a bigger one.

However migrating a server isn’t always as simple as drag and drop and then wait an hour or two. And if something goes wrong, such as the server being incorrectly formatted, or the data your migrating is incorrectly formatted, or a hundred other seemingly small errors occur during the process, it could result in complete data loss. Not something to leave to the temp.

So the secure solution? Have an expert do it.

Our technicians can ensure the safety of your data as well as a more time and frustration efficient process to migrate your server’s precious cargo. Some examples of server migrations we provide are:

  • Mail Server Migration – Data is moved between email servers migrations within the same or different hosts.
  • Virtual Server Migration – Migration involving virtual servers.
  • Ubuntu Server Migration – When data is being moved to, from, or between servers running on Ubuntu.
  • Cloud Server Migration – Cloud server migration is all the hype these days. It involves positioning data to the modern, scalable cloud servers.
  • Application Server Migration – Servers that have applications hosted are the ones said to undergo application server migration every time files are moved from these servers.

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