Interim Executive or Fractional Executive

Is a Fractional Executive Right for You?

Whether you call it an Interim, Part-Time, Fractional, or On-Demand Executive. Many companies find themselves at a difficult crossroad situation. They aren’t able to hire a full-time executive, but desperately need the skill set of one.

If you’re seeking an experienced, adaptable senior technology executive to serve in a part-time role as your Chief Information Officer of Chief Technology Officer, a fractional executive might be a perfect solution.


What is an Interim Executive vs. Fractional Executive?

An Interim Executive is typically hired by a company on a full-time basis for a set period of time. That is 6 months or more that are dedicated to the restructuring or growth of your business. A Fractional Executive is a more part-time consultant role at your company and may work for others at the same time. We are able to accommodate either at IT Global Services, regardless of your budget.


Why Hire a Part-Time CIO/CTO?

Think of an Interim and Fractional role as an extension of your own team. An Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can be called upon whenever an organization needs a technology expert to bring a brand new perspective or expand a competitive business moat. Or to simply update an IT infrastructure save a failed project.

Common Reasons to Hire a Part-Time Executive

  • You simply can’t afford a full-time IT or Technology Services position.
  • Your needs aren’t a full-time position yet.
  • You’re launching a new project or product.
  • You have a temporary gap on your team that you need filled.
  • Your company needs to revisit your processes and infrastructure to handle rapid growth.
  • Your current team lacks the expertise needed, but you need executive knowledge to navigate complex issues ahead.

Having the IT-SVC Executive Team at your fingertips is a powerful, cost-effective approach to limit risks. We have hired a selection of executives with multiple C-Level positions at various types of organizations. From startups to growth phase, we can provide you with the knowledge, implementation, and skill set to get your company over any growing pains.


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