Ransomware Variants Targeting Companies

Is your business prepared for a ransomware attack? Recently, the HHS Cybersecurity Program released a report detailing the impact of ransomware attacks in 2021. The results are chilling. If you think that you’re at a company that isn’t threatened by ransomware, think again. Ransomware attacks are targeting Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Technology, and Banking sectors as Read more about Ransomware Variants Targeting Companies[…]

CRM Support and Data Migration

A CRM Migration Tutorial Are you seeking some CRM help or CRM support? Salesforce support? Or Salesforce migration? Are you leaving your current CRM and looking to migrate to Salesforce? How do you do that without losing important data in the process? This is the CRM tutorial for you. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are crucial Read more about CRM Support and Data Migration[…]