January 8, 2021

Email Management

Email is pervasive across all aspects of all businesses and has become highly business-critical. For information workers, the email client was almost immediately their primary business application, spending many hours a day in reading, responding, and collaborating via emails. Email is one of the most used productivity tools at many organizations. End users rely on their inbox to stay on top of projects. They rely on calendars to manage their daily tasks and appointments. They have very little tolerance if the system goes down.

While email is business-critical, managing the servers is not for most.

For many, email management devolves into simply removing emails from a server and saving them to a repository. But this is not enough because to do it right, each one must be classified, stored, and perhaps destroyed in a manner consistent with established business and security policies and standards – just as should be done for all other kinds of documents and records. Email management involves the systematic control of the quality and quantity of electronic messages that are safely sent from within, and received by, an organization.

But day-to-day email management is time consuming. Time spent administering accounts, adding new users, deleting former employees, maintaining servers, and managing the frequent patches can usually be better spent on other projects.

Managed email reduces your operational costs while improving your level of service. We can manage your email on-premise, at our facility, or in the cloud. Our systems will efficiently, effectively, and securely manage our email servers and email organization to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of your entire organization.