January 8, 2021

Infrastructure Analysis

What do we mean, infrastructure?

An organization’s information systems infrastructure is the machines and applications that build and support the digital network. This includes:

  • Hardware: Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, hard drives, server hardware or ‘stacks’, routers, switches, hubs, and data centers.
  • Operating Systems: Software platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Linux.
  • Software: The applications, programs, servers, and raw data used by the organization.
  • Network Services: Including cyber security and firewalls, internet connectivity, and other network-enabling software.

The combination of these assets creates an information infrastructure that if designed efficiently can support and enhance workflow and connectivity in the organization.

Is your infrastructure efficient? How would you know? How do you make it more efficient?

The distribution of information is vital to running a reliable and flexible network. Thus identifying where and what your business’ IT infrastructure should focus its attention on is critical for maximizing your efficiency. But this requires a solid understanding of your current needs. It also demands an understanding for what top resources are available in any given moment.

This is where an Infrastructure Analyst comes in.

An Infrastructure Analyst specializes in diagnosing and solving problems in complex computer systems. Infrastructure Analysts use their knowledge of computer languages and operations to find and fix problems in large computer networks, such as network communications errors, storage problems, and malfunctioning server platforms.

Our Infrastructure Analysts offer a thorough and systematic evaluation and audit of your infrastructure to determine where inefficiencies are and how it can be optimized and then return to you a comprehensive report on what steps you can take to bring it up to the efficiency you need to meet your business goals with your technology empowering you, not slowing you down.

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